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AAA 7937 Bioinformatics SourceBioinformatics Source -

Bioinformatics information: tools, articles, software and databases. Updated bioinformatics blog and news. Post questions on the bioionformatics forum. - [Read more]

AAA 5029 Custom AntibodiesCustom Antibodies -

Information on antibodies and antibody production. Includes protocols and methods for a variety of antibody research techniques. Find antibody custom services. - [Read more]

AAA 22826 Custom peptide SynthesisCustom peptide Synthesis -

In search of peptide? Laboratories polypeptide proposes his specialists of the synthesis of peptide to realize all your requests, no matter the complexity and the need of customization. - [Read more]

AAA 8114 Epigenetics StationEpigenetics Station -

Learn about epigenetics and the histone code, and techniques and protocols to study these changes. - [Read more]

AAA 10216 Microscope ForumMicroscope Forum -

Discuss microscopes in our microscope forum. Includes a directory on microscopy, a blog that discusses the latest on microscopes. - [Read more]

AAA 4954 Molecular Biology ProtocolsMolecular Biology Protocols -

Information on molecular biology and research protocols. Find bioinformatic tools and the latest news in science. Discuss laboratory problems and solutions in the forum. - [Read more]


Information about PCR Polymerase Chain Reaction, types of PCR, protocols and methods for PCR, primer design, bioinformatics and databases for PCR, news and recently published Polymerase Chain Reaction research. - [Read more]

AAA 7637 Peptide SynthesisPeptide Synthesis -

Learn about peptides and peptide synthesis. Includes custom peptide synthesis companies and procotols for peptide related research. - [Read more]

AAA 5340 Polar Bear: Grizzly, Panda, KodiakPolar Bear: Grizzly, Panda, Kodiak -

Bear Planet is educational site that covers, along with fact and picture, all aspects and attributes for all species of bears. - [Read more]

AAA 10101 Transgenic Mouse PortalTransgenic Mouse Portal -

Learn about knockout and transgenic mice (and other transgenic organisms) including hot new publications, jobs, news, lab registry, scientist rankings, updated daily. - [Read more]

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