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A guide to the best Websites for dog owners. Web resources and information on dogs, breeding dogs, dog training, buying a dog, purebred dogs, and dog stuff

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AAA 17688 Canine DNA TestsCanine DNA Tests -

This company offers DNA tests for dog breeders and dog lovers. The tests are affordable and simple to use with a single DNA CheekSwab sample from your dog used to perform their state-of-the-art DNA-based tests. Tests available include their Breed Test product that identifies the predominant breeds provided they are on the list of 38 identified breeds and the Parentage Test is used to determine parents of dogs by breeders and owners of dogs who want to verify accuracy of reported bloodlines. - [Read more]

AAA 6016 Chihuahua Puppies GuideChihuahua Puppies Guide -

A guide to buying and taking care of a Chihuahua puppy with many pictures. Learn about Chihuahua puppies and how to take good care of your Chihuahua puppy, what to feed him, and more. - [Read more]

AAA 6202 Dog Behavior And TrainingDog Behavior And Training -

We have articles on breeds, complete with photos, puppy care, and tips for dealing with some of the problems that come up in dog ownership. - [Read more]

AAA 14815 Dog Breeders in EuropeDog Breeders in Europe -

Directory of only European dog breeders, search by country or breed, multi-language and alphabetical list of breeds, FCI and UK Kennel Club nomenclature. - [Read more]

AAA 4521 Dog lovers info centralDog lovers info central -

I-Love-Dogs has the best things for Dog Lovers. - [Read more]

AAA 8319 Dog Up! Your one stop dog spot!Dog Up! Your one stop dog spot! -

At Dog Up! Search popular and unusual dog names, share photos with dog lovers and learn about small and large dog breeds - [Read more]

AAA 17816 Dogs Deserve BetterDogs Deserve Better -

This nonprofit organization is dedicated to freeing dogs from chains. The site details why keeping a dog chained all day or permanently is inhumane. They offer resources for volunteers who want to spread the word in their communities, as well as, publicize the cause and educate the public with the funds they've raised. - [Read more]

AAA 17433 Free Dog Training VideosFree Dog Training Videos -

Looking for information on dog training. Get the facts here and discover all you need to know about dog training with our free dog training videos. No need to spend hours working out the solution. We give you the help you need. - [Read more]

AAA 12994 LabradoodlesLabradoodles -

A Walk in the Park Labradoodles hand raises multigenerational labradoodles, in our home, under foot. We health test all of our breed dogs, please contact us for further information. - [Read more]

AAA 17718 Pets for HomesPets for Homes -

Pet website offering free advertising for people selling or giving away their dogs, cats, puppies, kittens and other pets. The site also offers information and profiles of cat and dog breeds and plenty of pet care advice for pet owners. - [Read more]

AAA 4626 PugsPugs -

Read about Pugs, talk about them in the Pug Forum, or watch pictures from the Image Gallery. - [Read more]

AAA 10458 Retriever ForumRetriever Forum -

Das größte deutschprachige Retriever Forum - [Read more]

AAA 7508 Skinn och border collieSkinn och border collie -

At our farm in Dombacksmark you can see our sheepdogs at work and shop for wool and fur. We accept visitors all year around and the dogs like to show off in the snow at winter. We are also selling dog related products at the farm. - [Read more]

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