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AAA 9746 CareZen : Child Care, Tutoring, Pet Care and Senior CareCareZen : Child Care, Tutoring, Pet Care and Senior Care -

CareZen is a new service that matches people with trustworthy, reliable care providers in their area. - [Read more]

AAA 10906 Child Care Reviews and RatingsChild Care Reviews and Ratings -

The site where parents provide real, independent ratings, reviews and recommendations for Pre-Schools, Child Care and Day Care facilities. - [Read more]

AAA 17851 Mom ArticlesMom Articles -

A directory of select articles for moms organized by topic. Hundreds of quality articles are manually reviewed and only those deemed worthy of reading are selected and added to mom articles. Articles are organized by topic making it easy to locate articles by keyword search or browsing. - [Read more]

AAA 16401 Parental Control SoftwareParental Control Software -

`Computer security software to help protect your computer from unwanted internet intrusions. We provide reviews and ratings of the best internet firewall, privacy and parental control software in the marketplace - [Read more]

AAA 8906 ParentMagic, Inc. - Parenting SkillsParentMagic, Inc. - Parenting Skills -

Home of 1-2-3 Magic - the bestselling parenting program developed by Dr. Thomas Phelan. Available in book, DVD, CD or VHS format, it emphasizes positive discipline techniques to help parents build strong, positive relationships with their children. - [Read more]

AAA 767 William Gladden FoundationWilliam Gladden Foundation -

A nonprofit organization website that hosts a large and diverse library of free publications about youth, family and parenting issues, such as divorce, babies, education, child abuse, juvenile delinquency, eating disorders, STDs, substance abuse, emotional disorders, behavior problems and much more. - [Read more]

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Letting Them Learn by Natural Consequences

It would be great if we could just tell our kids "That's not a good idea," and have that be the end of it. As every parent knows, however, there are some lessons people seem to need to learn for themselves. In the case of the hot stove, for example, discomfort is the teacher and the natural consequence.

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