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AAA 11722 ABRA Fluid AG - Cold Isostatic Presses CIPABRA Fluid AG - Cold Isostatic Presses CIP -

ABRA Fluid AG produces Hot Isostatic Presses, Cold Isostatic Presses, Automatic Low Pressure Sinter Hot Isostatic Presses, High Pressure Intensifiers, Research Wear Testing Apparatus VSP 300, Bio Research Units, High Pressure Freezing Machines HPM 010 and engineering services: Construction of handling units, demerged handling, job processing in HIP, analyses and calculations of physical processes, inventive step, calculations of profitability, logistics enhancement, construction of units etc. - [Read more]

AAA 10879 Architectural and Civil Engineering ServicesArchitectural and Civil Engineering Services -

Supremus Group provides the utmost quality professional services in architectural engineering, geotechnical engineering, civil engineering, drafting, and design. Our services include structural design, architectural design, construction drawings, building cost estimation, CAD services, CAD conversion, 3D rendering, 3D walkthroughs, interior and landscape design, electrical, plumbing and HVAC drawings. - [Read more]

AAA 4979 Ball Valves - ZAGWAZBall Valves - ZAGWAZ -

ZAWGAZ - we are offering high quality valves for many purposes: oil & gas, petrochemical, heating, chemical water supply. Our ball valves are the best. - [Read more]

AAA 11482 Johnson Matthey Investment Casting and Precision Metal of CanadaJohnson Matthey Investment Casting and Precision Metal of Canada -

Johnson Matthey Limited, Precision Castings foundry of Canada provides precision metal casting projects with 'Base Metals' including Alloy Steels, High Alloy Stainless Steel, Nickel Base, Cobalt Base, and Copper Base alloys. - [Read more]

AAA 4358 Product Design and DevelopmentProduct Design and Development -

TriE Medical, Inc. provides product development, device designs and validation within the medical and pharmaceutical industries. - [Read more]

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