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AAA 8682 A Peculiar BlogA Peculiar Blog -

My thoughts and opinions about news, events and almost anything else. While I am likely to write about nearly anything imaginable, I do tend to discuss things involving privacy & freedom of speech and anonymity issues (& related software), especially as they relate to the Biblical teachings about the last days. I'm concerned about a lot of the things that government and big business are doing or trying to get away with that might benefit them, but people in general will regret. - [Read more]

AAA 17786 Beyond OrdersBeyond Orders -

Started by servicemen and women in Iraq this site matches requests for various things needed by Iraqi's with donors in the United States. Schools are requesting books and other supplies, police are requesting various items like hats, shirts, etc.... Organizations and individuals in the U.S. meet these requests when possible. - [Read more]

AAA 13259 No Police State Girls blogNo Police State Girls blog -

No Police State Girls website is about everything No Police State and other random thoughts; peace, politics, music, art, fashion, lifestyles, technology, the environment, saving the world and whatever else comes to mind. - [Read more]

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