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5 Effective Ways To Improve Your Relationship

Are you like millions of other people who've endured the frustration of relationship breakdown? Perhaps you're disillusioned with love because relationship after relationship never lasts. Here are 5 reasons as to why many relationships breakdown to help you form lasting, happier unions.

John Lennon told us "all you need is love" and while it's a great song, it simply isn't true. Successful relationships require more than love if they are to last. People aren?'t perfect and all of us have our quirks and habits that can grate on our partners. Life also throws us some pretty trying times and getting through these times takes determination and hard work and many relationships flounder during such times. Along with the changes we all have do deal with such as children and aging to name but two, you can see that love - while it must be there - isn't the only ingredient needed for a successful relationship.

Keeping the spark alive in a relationship is something many couples fail to do. Contentment sets in, you start to take your partner for granted and gradually, the spark fades and dies. It's so easy to fall into the contentment trap and the result is you stop making an effort for your partner. Your appearance changes, you don't go out as much, and lots of other activities you used to do have been ditched. The mystery has gone, the challenge has gone, the spark just isn't there! Keep it alive by making the effort to do new things, to enjoy new adventures and remember to do things separate from each other as well as with each other and you?'ll reap the rewards.

Routines can kill relationships in double quick time, they are that bad. OK, we all need a certain amount of routine in our lives but when there is so much routine life becomes totally predictable, the boredom critter creeps in and eats away at your relationship. Imagine being in a relationship where you do the same things each and every week, nothing new is tried, no excitement, no adventure, no buzz! You know what happens to a garden if it isn't watered? It withers and dies. That's what's happening here. Make the effort to keep the spark alive by doing and enjoying new experiences and keep the boredom critter away!

Respect for each other is absolutely fundamental. This means accepting and loving your partner for the wonderful, unique human being they are. However, many people actually believe they "own" their partner, and expect them to conform in ways they deem appropriate. This is more like slavery than love! Your partner isn?'t your private property, they certainly aren?'t your slave and it isn't conducive to a happy relationship to restrict their freedoms by treating them this way. Your partner may want to grow in ways you may not like or even feel comfortable with but preventing their growth not only stifles them but you as well. Because your partner will treat you in the same way. Instead of restricting each other's freedoms, it is far better encourage your partner to grow and become the person they want to be. Indeed, this is the only way true love can flourish.

Effective communication between lovers is a cornerstone of every successful relationship. Communicating wants and needs clearly to each other reduces misunderstandings and confusion and brings clarity. But many people have a somewhat silly notion that their partners "should automatically know what I want" and get frustrated and angry when their partner doesn't deliver. OK, as much as you wish, people are not telepathic mind readers and expecting them to be is unrealistic. So let each other know your wants and needs clearly and in a non-demanding way and watch your relationship grow stronger.

These super tips will strengthen your relationship and both you and your partner will enjoy long lasting happiness and a deeper loving bond.

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