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Summertime Decorating Tips and Ideas

What do you think of when you think of summertime? When I think of summertime, I think of words like: light, airy, bright, casual and maybe even laid back. When decorating your home in the summertime, think along those lines. As far as decorating goes, think - “out with the heavy, dark and warm and in with the light, bright and cool!”

Start off by cleaning… you heard me, cleaning! Get out the fresh smelling household cleaners, your duster, and broom. Get rid of that closed in, musty smell by opening your windows and letting in the summer freshness. Remove your curtains and wash them or take them to the dry-cleaners. Do you feel the summertime yet?!

Brighten up your home by putting the dark toss pillows and heavy draperies away to make room for pillows made of lighter fabrics, such as linen or cotton and lighter and brighter in color. Replace the heavy draperies with sheers will add a light and airy feel and having the sheers drape a few inches on the floor with give your windows a casual elegance. Remove blinds and replace them with bamboo roll up shades in a more casual room. Roll up and store away heavy area rugs, leaving the tile or wood floors to show. Remove the heavy tablecloths excess blankets, pillows and other colder weather accents that tend to warm up a space. Remove “heavy” wall hangings, such as tapestries and dark framed prints and add wall hangings of a lighter feel. Try a candle collage wall hanging, a pierced iron piece or framed floral prints. Give your furniture a summery makeover with a cotton or canvas slipcover. A slipcover in white, cool mint green or a light ocean blue would do the trick. Got kiddies? Slipcovers are practical too, they can come off easily to be cleaned so you don’t need to worry about a stain! A stain is never a good look no matter what the kids say.

Adding a mirror to a room will also lighten your space and give it the illusion of a larger area as it captures and circulates the sunlight around the room. This doesn't mean a big change in your decor but you may find moving a large mirror to a different wall will maximize the light reflection in the room, thus, opening the space… airy look achieved? Check!

Moving your furniture around can give you more space and give it a more of a airy feel. If you normally place the living room furniture to focus on the fireplace consider turning them to face away from the fireplace, or face your sofa and loveseat (or chairs) across from each other for a more inviting atmosphere for summertime gatherings and better for conversation. Place a vase with bright colored flowers on the coffee table and some light scented candles and your ready for your first summertime gathering. Bring some of the outdoors in by placing a palm tree in a corner or adding greenery on your end table next to a picture frame. Ivy is one of my favorites and easy to maintain.

Freshen up any room with a coat of paint in the same color. It will look clean and bright. Paint is a great and inexpensive decorating tool and whenever you just want some change. Feeling bold? Add some color on a “accent wall” in a summer shade,  such as a ocean blue.

You can also add interest and color in a room with new home accessories.  A great place to find unique and beautiful home accessories is at  . 

Do you tend to have summer barbecues? Add an outdoor lounge area. Some outdoor furniture with bright colored cushions would do the trick, stick some mosquito torches in the ground and you have your outdoor lounge. You can even string up some lights and call it a fiesta! Scatter small tea lights on the table for an inviting atmosphere. Your guests will be impressed!

Remember, decorating should not be difficult. Keep it simple, easy and fun…just like summer should be!

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